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Clint Mansell
Poppie, great composer, a genius
18 June 09, 23:06 pm(no subject)
Amazing. I am so glad that others love Clint Mansell as much as I do. He is an artist that truly accelerates throughout the years, much like his friend Darren Aronofsky. These men are truly a force to be reckoned with and appreciated. In my opinion, I find Mansell's work in The Fountain to be my most cherished (although, I am sure that he is bound to create more emotional and powerful music). I even go trail running to The Fountain soundtrack!

"All these years, all these memories, there was you. You pulled me through time."


IN THE WALL is screening at the EGYPTIAN THEATRE on WED, AUG 13 at 7:30 during the AMERICAN CINEMATHEQUE's 8th annual festival of FANTASY, SCI-FI and HORROR.

We are honored to be a part of this American Cinematheque series and hope you will join us for this 35mm presentation of IN THE WALL on the glorious BIG screen at the EGYPTIAN!

This is also a very exciting screening as the VINYL SOUNDTRACK RELEASE of Clint Mansell's original score will be available here FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!

It's a DOUBLE 7" GATEFOLD vinyl pressing on Clint's own VIVE LA REVOLUCION record label. The flagship release, I might add! A true collectible for Mansell fans and horror soundtrack aficionados.


3 August 08, 18:40 pm - ∏ Bootleg rumour!

Bootleg copies of 'π-Music from the Original Motion Picture' by Clint Mansell are rumoured to have turned up on the internet.

With a catalogue number REV 1,the vinyl records were originally attributed to Vive La Revolucion!
However,the fledgling label refutes that they are the work of the Cali-based imprint.

A statement from the labels' Ministry of Information read 'We wish!Its the Lost Ark of film scores!'

The record is believed to contain Mansells' full score to Darren Aronofskys debut film 'π'.

The score has never officially seen the light-of-day due to ownership issues.Even digital files are not known to exist outside of the mix of the film.

Composer Mansell was unavailable for comment when we tried to reach him at his Born A Rocker,Die A Rocker recording complex in Los Angeles.

If they exist-and we can track down a copy!!- we'll give it a spin on the forthcoming Vive La Revolucion! podcast!

News Source: http://vivelarevolucionrecords.blogspot.com/

3 August 08, 18:34 pm - ∏-Variations

Further to reports about a bootleg LP of Clint Mansells score to Darrren Aronofskys' debut feature film 'π'-we are now hearing that,not only might it be true,but its one of a number of artifacts we can expect to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the film!

Vive La Revolucion will release '∏-Variations' as a double 7" single this summer.Clint Mansell,Orphans of the Storm and ROEG are confirmed for the release.

Mansell reworks 'Coney Island Low',the Orphans perform 'We Got The Gun' and 'Theme from π'(which has been a staple in their blistering live show!)and minimalist sonic-montage supremo ROEG will manipulate 'Euclid Must Die!'

Further 'variations' are not expected.

News Source: http://vivelarevolucionrecords.blogspot.com/

21 November 07, 18:17 pm(no subject)
Does any one know where I can get the sheet music (piano chords) for the very last song of The Fountain, "Together we will live for ever." I really want to learn how to play it.
14 November 07, 23:31 pm - Vintage Clint Mansell....
its last call

Even all those years ago, the intensity and the entire dramatica of his music is still shining through..

Yes, I am aware dramatica isn't a real word, I made it up, and use it often..
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